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Paying for the IUD

Insurance, Costs, and other FAQs

IUD cost moneyNavigating the costs of IUDs can be quite confusing, as the range of prices is large. If you haven't noticed yet, you'll see that an IUD can cost between $0-900 dollars, depending on your insurance status. On this page, we'll explain each variable when it comes to determining the price of an IUD.

With Insurance

If you have insurance, then the IUD should be free or low-cost thanks to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which mandates that insurance plans cover one type of contraception within each of the 18 FDA-approved birth control methods ( in other words, don't try to buy the pill, patch, vaginal ring, and IUD all at once and expect everything to be free). But both the hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs are covered, so under most plans, you shouldn't have any out-of-pocket costs!

IUD out-of-pocket costs over time

There are a few exemptions though, including:
  1. Religious Employer health plans
  2. Grandfathered plans (i.e. if your plan was purchase before March 23, 2010)
  3. Short-term plans.
If your plan falls under one of these categories, talk with your insurance provider to see what they cover.

Regardless of your plan, you'll need a prescription to get an IUD. You can get a prescription from your own family doctor, a public or private health center, or a hospital.

Without Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, the costs of an IUD will vary by brand, your income level, and the clinic you purchase it from. If you have a higher income than average and you want to simply pay everything out-of-pocket, then:
  • Paragard will cost between $500-932
  • Mirena will cost between $500-927
  • Skyla will cost between $650-780
  • Liletta will cost between $50-750
  • Kyleena will cost between $500-900 (Kyleena is still new, but the price should be very similar to Mirena's)
There are also programs and financial aid packages available for low-income earners without insurance. Or you can find a free/low-cost clinic like Planned Parenthood. Visit our Financial Assistance page for specific programs.

Insertion Procedure

The insertion procedure cost is separate from the device itself, and usually ranges from $150-250. If you have insurance, this should be covered as well. But definitely check with your provider to confirm this.

If you do not have insurance, again, there are free/low-cost clinics and financial assistance programs available.


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